Introducing NuMoney's Crypto-Endowment Packages

NuMoney's Crypto-Endowment Package is a monthly purchase plan for you to build a cryptocurrency portfolio.

  • Create a dollar cost averaging schedule to mitigate the risk when buying into this volatile market

  • We help you store your coins in cold storage

  • Diversify your assets with digital asset



Historically, Bitcoin has offered 2945% returns in a 3-year time frame

As of 29th August 2018, if you purchased $1000 worth of Bitcoins

  • 1 year ago, your Bitcoins will have increased by 63% in value
  • 2 years ago, your Bitcoins will have increased by 1118% in value
  • 3 years ago, your Bitcoins will have increased by 2945% in value


Types of packages

Bitcoin Package

Build a long-term Bitcoin portfolio by purchasing Bitcoin every month

Ethereum Package

Build a long-term Ethereum portfolio by purchasing Ethereum every month

MarketCap Package

Build a long-term cryptocurrency portfolio by purchasing a basket of cryptocurrency coins every month that include:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Litecoin
  4. Bitcoin Cash
  5. NuMoney Coin



Package Period

Crypto-Endowment Packages come with a minimum purchase period of 1 year




How much can you purchase per month?

You can purchase packages with the following amount:

  • RM100 / mo
  • RM200 / mo
  • RM500 / mo
  • RM1,000 / mo
  • RM1,500 / mo
  • (other amounts that are multiples of RM1,000)



Ok, how can I get started?

  1. Make an appointment at this link

  2. At our office, our staff will explain to you more about the Endowment Package

  3. Choose a Package

  4. Fill in the subscription form

  5. Create eStanding Instruction/Scheduled Transaction and make the first payment